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My Record
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My Record

The 2020 U.S. Census revealed that Amherst’s non-student population declined over the previous ten years. Most concerning, since 1990, our population of 25 – 44-year-olds has decreased by 45 percent. The loss of this demographic is reflected in our declining K-12 enrollment. Since 2005, middle school enrollment has decreased by 36 percent and high school enrollment by 39 percent. This trend is untenable for the town as it becomes less appealing for young families and potential new year-round residents. With this important background information in mind, I forcefully:

  • Advocated for policies to reverse the trend of Amherst’s declining year-round population. This included pushing back against calls to increase the number of students permitted to rent a single dwelling, which only serves to further incentivize absentee landlords to outbid and price out year-round residents.
  • Part of the team that revised, updated, and strengthened Amherst’s Residential Rental Property Bylaw to ensure safe and healthy housing throughout town.
  • Successfully sponsored and shepherded a motion that brought sensible parking management and restrictions to residential streets that are also connector roads to the University.
  • Co-sponsor of an amendment to our refuse collection bylaw to provide a town-contracted waste hauler service that will reduce trash and include universal curbside compost pick-up.
  • Lent an ear and gave a voice to the needs and concerns of district constituents. Whether dealing with noise complaints, litter, ensuring repair of broken streetlights or coordinating communication between a resident and a management company, I’ve been here for you.


I urge you to vote for Councilor Jennifer Taub for the new District 4. Jennifer brings intelligence, a strong work ethic, and a deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of how policy works. She doesn’t back down from a fight and will stand up for you.
Dorothy Pam
Town Councilor – District 3
Jennifer is unique in her ability to listen to her constituents, do her research and follow up with action in a timely manner. I have always reached her with ease and gotten immediate and informed responses. She has consistently stood up for her constituents and been able to facilitate solutions that are satisfactory to all parties. I am pleased to give Jennifer my fullest support - we need her and are lucky to have her.
Rani Parker
District 4 resident and Co-Chair, Human Rights Commission
A vote for Jennifer is a vote for wisdom, hard work, common sense, compassion, humanity, humor and as we say in Massachusetts, "she's wicked smart". She has served your district and Amherst with distinction and will continue to do so.
Gerry Weiss endorses Jennifer Taub for Amherst, MA Town Council representing District 3
Gerry Weiss
President, Craig’s Doors
Past Chair, Amherst Select Board
We can always count on Jennifer to respond quickly and competently around issues involving quality of life in our neighborhood. Jennifer often points us in the right direction, has good ideas, and has a first-hand grasp of what those of us who live on the edge of the University have to grapple with daily. We are so lucky she is representing us.
Connie and Bill Gillen
District 4 Residents and Owners, Sunset Farm
Jennifer has exactly the kind of personal and meeting skills that we need on our Town Council: she is a good listener who respects the opinions of others whether or not she agrees. She is thoughtful and does her homework. She is articulate and presents her ideas with evidence and reason. She is tireless. She can change her mind, but is also fully capable of holding and defending minority positions. She usually has a smile on her face or a really good reason not to. She genuinely likes people. Jennifer Taub is someone we want on our Council as the Town works its way through difficult and contentious issues.
Meg Gage endorses Jennifer Taub for Amherst, MA Town Council representing District 3
Meg Gage
Participatory Budgeting Commission
Member, Amherst Charter Commission